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The e-Mosquito bites you to monitor glucose levels

Researchers at the University of Calgary have released the latest version of their “Wearable Microsystem for Minimally Invasive, Pseudo-Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring,” a watch-like wearable that “bites” you every few hours to draw blood and test your glucose levels. (read more)


Study finds some insulin production in almost half of diabetes patients

Some insulin is still produced in almost half of the patients that have had type 1 diabetes for more than ten years. The study conducted by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden has now been published online by the medical journal Diabetes Care.

Type 1 diabetes, a chronic disease mainly debuting during childhood or adolescence, has previously been considered to result in full loss of the patients’ insulin production. However, by the use of sophisticated insulin assays that has been introduced in recent years, this has now been shown not to be true in all cases. (read more)

Glycemic variability tied to depressive symptoms in diabetes

Older adults with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk for higher depressive symptoms with greater variability in glycemic control whereas mean HbA1c does not affect depressive symptoms, according to study findings published in Diabetes Care(read more)