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Water, fresh juice consumption may reduce type 2 diabetes risk

BY AMBER COX: Bottled juice consumption may increase the risk for type 2 diabetes in adults, but substituting bottled juice with water or fresh juice may decrease the risk, study data show.

Miguel A. Martínez-Gonzalez, MD, PhD, of the department of preventive medicine and public health at the Medical School of the University of Navarra in Spain, and colleagues evaluated data from the University of Navarra Follow-up prospective cohort study on 17,518 adults to determine the relationships between fresh juice consumption, water consumption, bottled juice consumption and type 2 diabetes. (read more)


Diabetes developing at younger ages

BY SAMANTHA DAY: A new national study by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association shows that diabetes is increasing in the 18 to 34 age group. That same study also said that that age group is experiencing the greatest growth in obesity rates, which is an onset of diabetes. (read more)


Immunotherapy succeeds in thwarting type-1 diabetes

BY MELISSA HEALY: A form of immunotherapy gaining ground as a way to treat childhood food allergies has shown promise in treating another rising scourge of children and young adults: Type 1 diabetes.

In a small but rigorous clinical trial, British investigators gave patients recently diagnosed with the metabolic disorder a truncated version of the chemical that gives rise to insulin. (read more)