Medical ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets for Diabetics

Living with diabetes is no easy task. It’s something that becomes a part of your everyday life. You have to monitor your condition by taking daily medications prescribed by your doctor. Even with your daily monitoring, emergencies happen. Owning and wearing a medical ID bracelet will come in handy if you aren’t able to respond.

It’s not uncommon for a medical ID bracelet to double as a fashionable piece of jewelry along with containing all of your vital medical information. In some cases, wearing this can make the difference in immediate care and prolonged trial and error treatment.

What to include on your bracelet

It’s important that you include any and all medical information on you ID bracelet for it to do the job thoroughly. You should include:

  • type of diabetes
  • if you take insulin
  • an in-case-of-emergency (ICE) phone number
  • implants like an insulin pump
  • allergies

What to look for

The medical alert bracelets listed above are just examples of the different kinds of bracelets that are available. Before you purchase one, you should consider the following:

  • Consult with your doctor. You can put any information on your medical ID that you want, but it’s best to consult with your doctor concerning what information is necessary for an EMT.
  • Personal preferences. There are many different styles. Allow for your own style and comfort preferences. A medical alert bracelet will only work if you wear it, so choose one you really like.

If you’re purchasing a medical ID bracelet for a child, you should choose something that suits him or her, which is typically something stylish and colorful. You can even go to the extent of purchasing multiple bracelets to match with outfits.

With medical conditions such as diabetes, it’s very important for any medical responders to know the extent of your condition and what medications you’re taking or aren’t allowed to take. The purpose of the medical ID bracelet is to convey the information if you can’t convey it yourself during an emergency.