Carb Management

There’s just not a perfect answer to the age-old question “how many carbs can I eat?”. With all the low-carb diets out there today, doctors recommend that you at least maintain a 200 carbs per day routine. This is actually considered to be a little high. We just recommend that you find a goal that works for you and your diabetes and maintain that.

Here’s some pretty standard information to help you understand:

  • The average American consumes well over 300 grams of carbs daily; however, the

common physician recommendation for people with Type 2 diabetes is under 200 grams daily.

  • The low-to-medium carb quantity is, on average, between 100 to 200 grams daily
  • A lower-carb diet is under 100 grams daily
  • A super low-carb diet falls under 50 grams of carbs daily. This is commonly referred to as the Keto Diet.

You are probably still asking… so, what is best? Honestly, there are hundreds of answers out there for this question. Frustrations from trying to rely on the correct intake can sometimes be the presser that makes you fluctuate with your efforts.

You have unique needs that need to be brought into play, and no one knows those needs more than you and your doctor. Here’s some things to consider:

  • The only correct answer is eating the exact amount of carbs that you know your body reacts best to when maintaining your healthy blood sugar. No frustrations. No binging. No fluctuating. This goal can be reached. This is a process that takes time to figure out, but you can do it.

Everything is relative to your lifestyle. Maintain an exercise regiment, keep on top of your testing, and stay within a diet that you and your doctor have found works best for you.

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