Weight Control

It’s been proven that losing 5% to 10% of your body weight can help your body to use insulin more effectively. In turn, this will better your blood glucose control. Weight control relies on so many factors to be efficient, but the good news is that it’s all possible.

Let us share with you some weight-loss techniques that are out there helping people accomplish their healthier living goals, as well as some pros and cons of extreme cases like weight-loss surgery. Obviously, we’d prefer for everyone to reach a healthier weight by natural means and maintain from there, but there are cases where surgeries are performed to help the more extreme cases.

With over 70% of Americans today being overweight, we are facing higher numbers in those becoming targets of diabetes. It is documented that over 90% of those with Type 2 diabetes are in fact overweight or obese. A change must come soon, or an epidemic of health issues will be overwhelming, feeding the growing progression of diabetes. It’s quite simple… eat less and exercise more.

Just a few things to consider:

  • Exercise/Workout regularly
  • Diet Regulation
  • Avoid Fads or Gimmicks in Dieting
  • If you use weight-loss pills, use them properly
  • Increase your fiber intake to limit food consumption
  • Design a Meal Plan and stick to it
  • Get Plenty of Sleep

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