Today’s Top Stories In Diabetes News!

Texas scientists closer to diabetes cure with unconventional treatment

Health researchers at the University of Texas think they have found a way to trick the body into curing Type 1 diabetes. (read more)

Big tech is taking on diabetes

When, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) introduced Alexa, the voice-activated digital assistant, in late 2014, it probably didn’t anticipate the reception she would get. Alexa has her foundations in artificial intelligence and powers the Echo, Dot, and Tap smart speakers that have become some of the top-selling items on the e-commerce giant’s website. The company hasn’t disclosed figures, but Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates that 8.2 million U.S. consumers have purchased the devices, and analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that closer to 11 million units had been sold even before the holidays. (read more)

Local start-up’s app gives personalised tips on managing diabetes 

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong declared a “war on diabetes” last year and set up a task force to combat the disease that’s plaguing more than 400,000 Singaporeans. (read more)