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Diabetes drug Invokana must warn patients about increased risk of foot, leg amputation

People with diabetes are already at risk of having lower limbs amputated because of circulatory and nerve damage that the disease does over time. However, in two clinical trials of the drug canagliflozin, marketed as Invokana, Invokamet, and Invokamet XR, patients taking the drug were twice as likely to need amputations.  (read more)


Improving drugs for type 2 diabetes

Scientists are exploring a central component in glucose regulation. Their findings shed new light on the structure of the glucagon receptor, a highly promising target for diabetes drug development. (read more)

Artificial pancreas helping people with diabetes

Just three weeks ago, Emily became the first person in the Mid-South and one of the first in the nation to begin wearing the artificial pancreas.

It’s true name, Medtronic is the hybrid closed loop system.

It’s comprised of an insulin pump which attaches to the patient’s skin, and a sensor which monitors in real time the patient’s blood sugar. (read more)