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How much weight do I need to lose to prevent diabetes?

Doctors typically perform one of three blood tests to diagnose prediabetes, a condition marked by blood sugar (glucose) levels that are higher than normal but not high enough to qualify as diabetes. While prediabetes often leads to full-fledged Type 2 diabetes, many people can hold the condition in check if they lose a relatively small amount of weight and increase their physical activity.  (read more)


Type 1 diabetes gene transfer treatment could possibly treat type 2; myths about the disease debunked

Diabetes has been long handled through pills and insulin therapies. Hence, a team conducted a gene transfer in mice and was surprised to see that the procedure cured diabetes with no side effects at all.

According to Belmarra Health, a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio discovered the treatment for type 1 diabetes. The treatment was said to deal with focusing on the pancreatic cells. The treatment for the type 1 diabetes was stated to have side effects and could be a potential cure for type 2 diabetes as well. (read more)

Light-inducible antimiRs could improve wound healing in diabetes patients

MicroRNAs are interesting target structures for new therapeutic agents. They can be blocked through synthetic antimiRs. However, to date it was not possible to use these only locally. Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have now successfully achieved this in the treatment of impaired wound healing with the help of light-inducible antimiRs. (read more)