Today’s Top Stories In Diabetes News!

Short, high-intensity exercise sessions improve insulin production in type 2 diabetes

A new study finds that short, functional-movement and resistance training workouts, called functional high-intensity training (F-HIT), may improve beta-cell function in adults with type 2 diabetes. Beta cells in the pancreas produce, store and secrete insulin, which allows your body to use sugar for energy. The small study is the first one of its kind to analyze beta-cell function in F-HIT or resistance training. The article is published ahead of print in the American Journal of Physiology—Endocrinology and Metabolism.  (read more)


Researchers find new way to block type 1 diabetes

Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory, Cyteir Therapeutics and collaborating institutions have found a way to protect beta cells from destruction — achieving a longtime, elusive goal that could lead to therapies preventing type 1 diabetes (T1D).

In healthy people, white blood cells make antibodies against pathogens or other invaders. In the pancreas, pancreatic beta cells produce insulin, the hormone that provides fuel to the body’s cells by transporting glucose. Another type of white blood cells — B cells or B lymphocytes — plays a major role in activating the autoreactive T cells (T lymphocytes) that then destroy the pancreatic beta cells leading to type 1 diabetes. (read more)

How diabetes is transforming people into real-life cyborgs

Diabetes – both type 1, which is an incurable autoimmune disorder, and type 2 which is a lifestyle disease that can be reversed or cured – are among the fastest-growing diagnoses in the world. Left untreated, they can cause life-threatening conditions and death. So it’s not surprising that the medical establishment is pumping resources into new methods of management.

What makes them worthy of talking about here on Geek is that technology is playing a major role. Today’s diabetic is often wired up with Bluetooth sensors and custom software that turn them into virtual cyborgs with an awareness of their body chemistry that normal people can’t match. (read more)