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Diabetes – Cost of illness

The overall cost of an illness is comprised of direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include all expenses associated with treatment of diabetes, such as medicines, hospital stays and other treatment costs. Indirect cost is calculated on the basis of productivity loss for the labor market resulting from sick days, premature morbidity and mortality.  (read more)


A new diabetes approach? Small-molecule screening wins again

The molecular biology/chemical biology tools we have now are quite something, and have opened up whole areas of research that previously wouldn’t have been feasible. But as a chemist, I’m glad to say that there’s often still nothing like a small molecule. That’s one of the things I take away from this recent paper in Cell, a multicenter collaboration between Dana-Farber, Harvard, Yale, the Broad Institute, and Scripps-Florida. They’re looking at a powerful protein involved in metabolic pathways, PGC-1-alpha. It’s a coactivator protein with the PPAR nuclear receptors, and is a central player in mitochondrial activity, adaptation to cold temperatures, exercise, lipid and glucose handling and more. (read more)

Why diabetes can lead to amputation

When you have diabetes, there’s a greater chance that you’ll one day require an amputation, especially of a foot or a toe. Although it’s not a pleasant thought, doctors say it’s better to stay well-informed about your risk and take preventive steps now. (read more)