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‘Smart’ insulin patches developed at UNC, NCSU one step closer to market

For the 29 million Americans living with diabetes, a less painful and more accurate way to monitor their blood sugar is one step closer to reality.

Zhen Gu, whose team at the UNC-N.C. State Biomedical Engineering Program has been leading the effort to develop “smart” insulin patches for treating diabetes, co-founded a company based in Research Triangle Park two years ago with the idea of delivering his patented diabetes treatment to people around the world. Now his company, Zenomics Inc., has received a $5.8 million investment from Chinese company MicroPort Scientific to help fulfill that goal. (read more)


Device could help people with type 1 diabetes

A medical breakthrough could be life-changing for people with Type 1 diabetes, a condition in which the pancreas makes little insulin, or none at all. Doctors are hailing the so-called “artificial pancreas” as a game changer for millions with the disease.

For Jamie Kurtzig, 13, and her mother, Sara, checking Jamie’s blood sugar levels during the day is routine. They’ve been doing it since she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just 19 months old. But, at night, if her blood sugar drops, Jamie could easily have a seizure or even fall into a coma. (read more)

Fitting sweet treats in to a diabetic plan

If you have diabetes, managing blood sugar levels is critical. Can sweet treats fit into a diabetic diet? In proper portions, of course.

Diabetes or not, health experts recommend reining in added sugars (not the natural type found in milk and fruit). That’s because they contribute excess calories without providing nutrients, which can lead to unwanted weight gain, poor heart health and elevated blood sugar levels. The American Heart Association advises women to limit added sugars to six teaspoons daily and men to cap their intake at nine teaspoons per day. (read more)