Today’s Top Stories in Diabetes News!

Type 1 Clothing a perfect fit for people with diabetes

People with diabetes may have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Treatment plans and trying to maintain an active lifestyle are among them. Fashion, however, may not immediately jump out as a major concern. But for many people with diabetes, it is. That’s where Type 1 Clothing comes in. Designer Natalie India Balmain produces a fashionable clothing line that makes it easier for people with diabetes to carry insulin pumps and inject themselves. (read more)


Aspirin to lower diabetes and breast cancer risk

With many medications, possible side effects (many extremely uncommon) can be scary, but often the benefits far outweigh the risks. One of the most common meds for which this is true is the mighty aspirin — shown to help prevent a wide spectrum of woes from cardiovascular disease to some cancers. And now research has found another impressive benefit: It lowers the risk of breast cancer in women with Type 2 diabetes — in whom it’s about 20 percent higher than in women without diabetes. (It also lowers the risk in women without Type 2 diabetes.) (read more)

Diabetes sparks a rise in neuropathy

Autonomic and small fiber neuropathy used to be considered rare conditions. But with approximately 30 million Americans affected by diabetes—one of the main underlying causes for these diseases—it’s an emerging problem.

Both types of neuropathy occur when small blood vessels supplying the nerves get damaged by diabetes—they begin to die because they don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients.

In the case of autonomic neuropathy, involuntary bodily functions such as blood pressure, digestion, sexual function, urination, and temperature control and sweat regulation are often affected. (read more)