Today’s Top Stories in Diabetes News!

IBM, JDRF to apply machine learning to type 1 diabetes research

BY JENNIFER BRESNICK: IBM and JDRF, a global organization funding research into type 1 diabetes, have announced a collaboration that will use machine learning techniques to explore new pathways towards an eventual cure for the autoimmune disease.

The project will leverage IBM’s cognitive computing and machine learning expertise to identify risk factors that lead to the development of type 1 diabetes (T1D) in children, offering new insights into how to target precision medicine efforts to these individuals. (read more)


New type 2 diabetes medication shows much promise

BY KEN HANLY: The global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has announced that its new drug semaglutide had reduced blood glucose levels and lowered body weight to a statistically significant degree more than those treated with the competing drug dulaglutide. (read more)

Physicians fine-tune use of diabetes drugs after recent CV safety results

BY ENDOCRINE TODAY: In 2008, the FDA challenged developers of new diabetes drugs to prove that these agents do not increase cardiovascular risk. Results from those studies are now coming in, and beyond demonstrating safety, several are suggesting that drug classes developed over the past decade can reduce overall cardiovascular mortality and mitigate the heart failure and kidney disease that often result from diabetes.  (read more)