Today’s Top Stories in Diabetes News!

Here are the eye problems that affect you when you have diabetes

BY VANESSA CACERES: If your diabetes is uncontrolled for a long period, you could develop eye conditions that can lead to blindness.

That’s because diabetes – both Type 1 and Type 2 – can cause damage to your eyes over the long term.

“The excess sugar in the blood affects the walls of blood vessels throughout the body,” says Dr. Ming Wang of Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. “The smallest blood vessels in the body have the thinnest walls and are affected first. Because the eyes have some of the smallest blood vessels in the body, they are often one of the first systems affected.” (read more)


It takes only one hour to raise your child’s risk of diabetes, according to science

BY CLAIRE GILLESPIE: All parents know it can take more than the best bedtime story books to get kids to go to sleep. But it’s worth taking the time and making the effort to ensure your little ones spend long enough in the land of nod. Not just so you get a well-deserved break, but for their own health and wellness. A new study takes the health benefits one step further. (read more)

New methods for the treatment of diabetes on the way

BY LJUBINKO ZIVKOVIC: The annual 254th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) held in Washington DC this week is a perfect opportunity for the researchers from Gower’s Lab at the University of #South Carolina(USC) to present their findings into new methods to treat diabetes. Instead of using insulin injections or standard pill medication, they have come with positive results implanting a special polymer sponge into a fat tissue of mice who had symptoms that resembled #Type 2 Diabetes. The implants helped reduce the weight gain a lowered the blood sugar levels based on the recent new findings on the role and function of fat cells in the body. (read more)