Substance in coffee delays onset of diabetes in laboratory mice

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Substance in coffee delays onset of diabetes in laboratory mice

BY AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY: In recent years, researchers have identified substances in coffee that could help quash the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. But few of these have been tested in animals. Now in study appearing in ACS’ Journal of Natural Products, scientists report that one of these previously untested compounds appears to improve cell function and insulin sensitivity in laboratory mice. The finding could spur the development of new drugs to treat or even prevent the disease. (read more)


10 Best Foods for Fighting Diabetes

BY GARY GREENBERG: A staggering 30 million Americans have diabetes (9.4 percent of the U.S. population) and another 84 million with prediabetes are on the verge, according to the latest projections by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Millions take medications to combat the life-threatening metabolic disorder. But the truth is that many foods work as effectively as drugs – or more so – in controlling blood sugar, experts say.

For the most part, the best foods for fighting diabetes are those that don’t pad the waist.

“Legumes, greens, whole grains…these are the types of foods that fill you up before filling you out,” says registered dietician Joan Salge Blake. (read more)

Medtronic to recall defective diabetes infusion sets

BY REUTERS: Medical device maker Medtronic Plc said on Monday it would recall certain infusion sets used with its insulin pumps by diabetes patients due to a component that could cause death in extreme cases.

Infusion sets help connect an insulin pump device to the body.

Medtronic said the vent membrane in some of its infusion sets could be blocked by fluid during the process of priming, or removal of air bubbles, potentially leading to insulin being over-delivered. (read more)