Halloween for Your Diabetic Kid

Halloween is something like a rite of passage for kids. Yes, even diabetic kids! From trick-or-treating to parties, Halloween is typically a giant sugar rush for kids. Children with diabetes can still have a good time as well.

Children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes may not be able to indulge on the Halloween candy like others, but they don’t have to miss out on the experience altogether. With some planning ahead, diabetic children can enjoy their share of Halloween candy too!

For diabetic children who take insulin with all meals and snacks, it is best to combine candy in with the meal to reduce the risk of extra injections. After eating candy, be sure to monitor their blood glucose.

There are many strategies that you can take in order to allow your diabetes child to have some Halloween fun, but also keep them healthy in the process.

Here are some examples of plans for Halloween so the diabetic child in your life doesn’t feel left out:

  • Plan ahead for your evening so the rules are established
  • Include your child in the planning
  • Enforce the rules and guidelines with all of the children in the home
  • Focus attention of Halloween activities like pumpkin carving and costumes
  • Have your child pick his or her favorite candies, and get rid of the rest

Find a fun and creative way for her to get rid of the spare candies. Give them away, use them to pay for things in the household; or use treats like stickers instead.

Monitor your child and his or her blood glucose levels to see if he or she appears sick or if your doctor needs to be consulted.