Diabetes and Emergencies

Having Diabetes and Being Prepared for Emergencies

From Hurricanes to black outs, it is important to always be prepared for any kind of natural disaster or emergency. This is especially important for diabetics. Make sure that you have an emergency kit packed and ready to go.

emergency kit

Here are some of the items to keep on hand and steps to take:

  • A generator can make a huge difference during and after a disaster. This is especially helpful when it takes days or more to get electricity back.
  • A diabetes emergency kit consisting of things such as batteries, testing strips, and whatever you may need for your diabetes monitoring devices.
  • Insulated bags to hold cooling packs for your insulin, and any other items that you want to keep cool like extra water bottles.
  • It may be helpful to keep water proof bags at hand to store things like spare clothes, electronics, and towels from getting wet or ruined.
  • Keep a copy of your emergency information and medical list, as well as extra copies of prescriptions, your health insurance information, the names and contact information for your medical-care providers and a blood-sugar diary.
  • While you may not think of hygiene being a big priority during a disaster, it is important to stay clean and healthy in order to avoid further disaster for yourself. Alcohol prep wipes, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and bars of soap are all necessities.
  • Finally, keep snacks handy. You should have a stash of emergency snacks or food accessible in the case of an emergency.