coffee and diabetes

Coffee and Diabetes – The Benefits and Risks

While many studies have emerged touting the benefits of coffee, the results are still not definitive for people with diabetes. It is best to take caution and pay attention to how coffee affects your body and your blood sugar levels.

Coffee and Diabetes: The Benefits

  • Studies have shown that drinking coffee can prevent the development of Type 2
  • Studies have shown that drinking coffee can protect against certain cancers, Parkinson’s, depression, and liver disease
  • If you already have diabetes, decaf, unsweetened black coffee is the best for your health

Coffee and Diabetes: The Risks

  • Sugar or artificial sweeteners remove the benefits of coffee, and can increase the risk of developing Type 2
  • Sugary, creamy coffee drinks are bad for your health and can lead to Type 2
  • Coffee can have detrimental side effects like headaches, anxiety, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, digestive problems, urinary tract and bladder irritation, and prostate problems
  • Coffee can be addictive
  • The caffeine in coffee can reduce insulin sensitivity, causing insulin and glucose to spike

coffee and diabetes - benefits and risks

Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of coffee if you have diabetes or prediabetes. Remember that losing weight, exercising, and eating well are the best ways to prevent Type 2. It’s always important to check in with your body and stay away from any habits that are causing you harm.