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Top Diabetes News of Today

Working Nights May Raise Diabetes Risk

BY NICHOLAS BAKALAR: Night-shift work is linked to an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found.

British researchers used a large health database to compare diabetes prevalence in 47,286 night-shift workers with that of 224,928 day workers.

The database included information on age, sex, race, family history of diabetes, alcohol use, sleep duration, body mass index and other health and behavioral characteristics, as well as diagnoses of diabetes. (read more)

New study reveals insight into glucagon’s role in diabetic heart disease

BY ANI: A new study has provided insight into glucagon’s role in diabetic heart disease.

The UT Southwestern-led study revealed the hormone glucagon’s importance to the development of insulin resistance and cardiac dysfunction during Type 2 diabetes, presenting opportunities to develop new therapies for diabetic diseases of the heart muscle.

These findings might provide an advanced understanding of how diabetes drugs benefit heart function, especially considering cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in diabetics. (read more)

Contact Lenses Developed to Detect Glucose Levels in Diabetes Patients

BY SIOGHAN TREACY: New contact lenses developed can help diabetics keep track of their blood sugar and alert them when their blood sugar levels are off. The new contact lenses are made of biosensors that can detect glucose through the eyes. These contacts were developed by UNIST researchers.

The new smart contacts have a built-in pliable, transparent electronics that have the ability to detect changes in glucose through the tears in eyes. The contacts have not been testing on humans, but the researchers hope that they will be able to use these contacts on humans and released them soon. The contacts provide pain-free glucose tracking, a huge development for diabetics. (read more)

Study Finding Type 2 Diabetes Benefits for Conscientious Dental Patients Underlines the Overall Importance of Oral Health, says Medical Center Dental Care

BY PRWEB: A February 1 article on Medical News Today reports on a recent study in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology which indicates that type 2 diabetes sufferers who received a deep cleaning saw improvements to their HbA1c and fasting glucose levels that the control group in the study did not. The improvements appeared to align with a drop in oral bacteria following the procedure.

Medical Center Dental Care, a comprehensive dental clinic based in the Western San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, says that the study lines up with a rapidly growing body of evidence documenting what dentists and MDs have long noticed anecdotally – people with healthier teeth and gums also tend to be more generally healthy. The group notes that, with type 2 diabetes being by far one of the most frequent medical threats faced by Americans, the connection between good oral care and improvements in the condition are especially notable. (read more)

Diabetes monitor is ‘game changer’

BY UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER: A new method of measuring blood glucose levels in people with diabetes is a significant advance in the management of the disease, according to an independent assessment by University of Manchester, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Derby Teaching Hospitals experts.

The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitor has been available on prescription in the United Kingdom from November 2017.

It works through a white disc adhered to the arm which connects remotely to a small monitoring device. (read more)