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Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Cured?

Many rumors have swirled over whether there’s a cure for Type 2 diabetes. While Type 2 diabetes cannot be “cured” yet, remission is possible with lifestyle changes and/or weight loss surgery. Remission without weight loss surgery is very rare, but it is possible. There are different types of remission.

Three types of remission

  • Remission: having A1C results below the range for diabetes (fasting blood glucose 100-125 mg/dL or A1C 5.7-6.4 percent) without taking diabetes medicines or having surgery
  • Partial remission: test results lower than the range for at least 1 year
  • Complete remission: test results lower than the range for at least 5 years

Crucial lifestyle changes

Though bariatric surgery is a much better predictor of remission, there are lifestyle changes that you can make to better your life with diabetes and even achieve remission. In an article in Wired, Nathan Cheng suggests these steps:

  1. No snacking between meals.
  2. Eating just 3 meals per day, with 12 hours between the end of dinner and the beginning of breakfast.
  3. Using tricks like a swig of vinegar before each meal, cutting down on sweets or cutting them out, exercising more, and intermittent fasting.

It’s very important to coordinate with your doctor of you are taking insulin or other medications, as dosages will need to be adjusted downward as you follow these lifestyle changes.

Losing weight and remission

Losing weight will not only affect your diabetes, but also save you money on insurance, health expenses, give you more energy, and allow you to stop medication.

Researchers published in the British Medical Journal said that 75% of those who lose 15 kg (about 33 pounds) of weight go into diabetes remission. When more doctors and patients are aware of these facts, perhaps more people with diabetes will be able to achieve remission.