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Top 5 Best Diabetes Apps

Are you looking for the best diabetes app to manage your diabetes? There are a lot of new apps out there to make your life easier. Different apps focus on different aspects of your health, such as carb counting, monitoring blood sugar levels, body weight, and fitness goals. Here are 5 of the best diabetes apps out there right now; most are available for both iPhone and Android.

  • MySugr. A diabetes logbook available on both Apple and Android that can sync with other devices. MySugr offers reminders and tracking that make your life easier with diabetes. This app helps log your glucose readings as well as carb intake. It imports results from a glucometer, and also has a feature that lets you estimate your A1C. The app features a cute diabetes monster that you are trying to tame.
    • Price: Free; Pro version: $2.99/month to $27.99/year.
  • Glucose Buddy. This app stores data that you input manually, like insulin, glucose readings, and carbs. Better suited for a person with type 2, this app will help keep you organized with your diabetes, and remind you when to test your blood sugar.
    • Price: Free.
  • Glooko. Connect with your blood glucose meter to track carbs and insulin, and set reminders for when to eat and take your medication. Includes charts and records you can share with your doctor.
    • Price: Free with optional subscription.
  • Diabetes in Check. This free app for type 2 was designed by a certified diabetes educator, and includes a community board for asking questions and chatting. This app also tracks metrics of fitness goals, eating habits, glucose levels, and weight; and it shares data as well. Diabetes in Check also features a reference guide for what foods to eat, and personalized recipes.
    • Price: Free with optional subscription.
  • Diabetes:M. This app is available on Apple and Android, and helps you better understand your diabetes. It allows you to track what you’ve eaten, monitor your diet, use a logbook, and analyze data. It even includes a Bolus calculator and allows you to export data to your doctor.
    • Price: Free.

Browse through these apps and see which one might work best for you. Whether these apps work for you will depend on how often you use them and how focused you are on managing your health.

Take advantage of these best apps for diabetes and other ways to stay in good health.

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