High blood sugar levels and cognitive decline

High blood sugar levels aren’t healthy and can put you at risk for type 2 diabetes. While this is a massive problem, there is hardly any work put into prevention of the disease. Currently, there are over 29 million Americans that suffer from this condition, and it is believed that another 8.1 million are undiagnosed.

For those who do not suffer from type 2 diabetes (prediabetes), high blood sugar levels have been linked with cognitive decline. While the connection between sugar and Alzheimer’s disease has already been understood, there is a study that has been conducted over the course of a decade and focuses on high blood sugar and memory decline. This covers the range of diseases of dementia.

While there was no connection shown between blood sugar levels and cognitive decline at the beginning of the study, the researchers noticed an important correlation between HbA1c levels increasing, followed by memory and executive function being decreased.

The greatest contributing risk factor appears to be too many carbs in the diet. There are many instances of correlation between the consumption of carbs and high blood sugar levels with serious health problems to act like that’s not a driving factor of metabolic diseases.

Suffering from degrading physical and cognitive abilities is not how you want to spend your life. And it’s not necessary. Knowing that simple dietary choices being implemented can increase your chances of a healthy aging process should not require debate.