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Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash: What’s New?

Good news! The second-generation of the Abbott Freestyle Libre is officially approved by the FDA. What’s so exciting about this? The second-generation Libre can now be worn for 14 days.

What’s the Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash?

The first generation glucose monitoring system could be worn for 10 days, but with the new Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash, you can wear it for an additional four days. The FDA approved this second-generation Libre on July 23, 2018. Which is only three months after Abbott Diabetes Care submitted their filing.

Abbott Diabetes Care is planning to release the new Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash by the end of 2018.


Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash Features

There are several improvements from the previous model, which was cleared just over a year ago. The most notable being that this Libre lasts for a 14-day wear. Some of the other updates are the following:

  • New reader – The new system will have a new handheld reader, but it will look and function the same as the previous model.
  • New sensors – The new model will come with a new sensor, so you will not be able to use the same ones. The new sensors will still function and look the same, though. It’s about the size of two stacked quarters and is used by holding the reading device over the sensor. The sensor is only approved for upper arm wear.
  • Less warm up time – The warm up time is down to 1 hour, unlike the previous model that took 12 hours to warm up before users could scan for their glucose reading.
  • More accurate – The 14-day Libre has 9.4% mean absolute relative difference (MARD) opposed to the 9.7% MARD of the first model.
  • LibreLink – Abbot has an app in the works called LibreLink. The app allows data displays and smartphone scans for easy use with your smartphone.

How to Get It

Abbott has not released pricing or the upgrade options, but they say that the details will come closer to the launch date that has yet to be decided.