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Diabetic Diet: The Order in Which You Eat Matters

Are you looking  for the perfect diabetic diet? You may be surprised to learn that the order in which you eat food can affect blood sugar levels. Eating protein and vegetables before you eat your carbs helps you have lower blood sugar after eating.

Changing behavioral habits like eating and exercise can be just as important as medication in managing your diabetes.

Veggies and protein first

Eating the veggies and proteins first keeps you full longer, helping to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar.

In addition, eating the protein first slows down the sugar released into the bloodstream from the carbs, so you don’t get as much of a blood sugar spike.

Several studies have shown that this method of eating causes blood sugar levels to be 29% lower 30 minutes after the meal.

And another good option is avoiding the carbs altogether, or only eating them in moderation. But everyone knows, avoiding carbs is not easy!


Long-term effects of high blood sugar

Keep this in mind when trying to manage your blood sugar levels with the right diabetic diet. Start your meal off with a salad and protein, and then move on to carbs for better blood glucose control and better health. With type 2 diabetes, if blood sugar spikes are consistently high, it could lead to severe complications, such as heart disease and kidney disease.