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Eating Out with Diabetes: 11 Tips

We know it can be hard to eat out at a restaurant with diabetes. You need to keep tight tabs on your blood sugar levels, and you might not be sure what’s in the food you’re ordering. What’s more, portion sizes can be huge, and you may be tempted to eat more because it’s a night out.

Here are some good tips to follow when eating out so that you don’t overload on carbs and end up with a blood sugar spike.

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Top 11 Tips for Eating Out with Diabetes

  1. Skip the bread basket and tortilla chips – you can ask your server not to bring them or to take them away.
  2. Eat only the fillings of wraps or sandwiches, and only the toppings of pizzas.
  3. Keep portions small, and take leftovers home if needed.
  4. Stick with simple options like grilled chicken or fish, salad, and oil and vinegar dressings.
  5. Order clear soups like vegetable broth, wonton or hot and sour soup, or clear soup.
  6. If you order pasta, order it as a side dish and eat only a portion about the size of your fist.
  7. Avoid anything breaded or fried, and instead choose broiled, grilled, roasted, or steamed items.
  8. Skip rice and have black beans or guacamole salad instead.
  9. If you order an alcoholic drink, stick to low-carb options like a skinny margarita, one glass of dry wine, or a vodka tonic.
  10. Avoid sodas and instead stick to water, sparkling water, or unsweetened tea.
  11. Beware of extra additions like bacon bits, creamy dressings, extra cheese, and the like.

Try to eat out at the time you normally eat. Plan ahead before eating out by checking the restaurant’s website or calling them to make sure there are options available with less salt, fat, sugar, and carbs. Make a plan to choose healthy items before you get there and stick to your plan.