New “Smart Insulin” Could be a Lifesaver for People with Diabetes

You may have heard of smart insulin pens, but now there is the new possibility of smart insulin that can adapt to blood sugar levels. This new insulin would prevent hypos from happening.

$800 million deal

Back in August, insulin giant Novo Nordisk bought a UK company called Ziylo in a nearly $800 million deal. Ziylo, a scientific incubator, developed glucose-binding molecule that makes insulin glucose-sensitive, meaning it changes according to different blood sugar levels and can “turn off” when blood sugar levels are too low.

Currently, there is a risk when taking insulin of hypoglycemia, or dangerously low blood sugar.

This new type of insulin could be a game changer for those with type 2 who could be helped by insulin, but don’t take it because they fear it might adversely affect their blood sugar levels.

Novo Nordisk is also looking to expand into new technologies like stem cell therapies for type 1 in order to remain on the cutting edge.


Game changer for diabetes

If the new glucose-sensitive smart insulin takes hold, it could eliminate the need for constant glucose monitoring.

With 425 million people worldwide having diabetes, this type of advancement in insulin could change the way diabetes is treated, and change the lives of many with diabetes.