Top Side Effects of Diabetes to Monitor

Top Side Effects of Diabetes to Monitor

Diabetes comes with numerous common side effects, but there are side effects that most people do not know about. Some of the side effects of diabetes are less known but just as serious.

Brain health

It is not unheard of that your physical health can help dictate your mental health. Studies show that cognitive abilities can start to suffer over time. Specifically, people with diabetes may experience  issues with executive functioning such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and remembering things.

Protecting you brain health is important for everyone but especially for people managing diabetes.


Skin infections

Another significant side effect of diabetes is the increased risk of skin infections. In addition, skin conditions are often connected to obesity due to skin folds.

Several of the common medications to help treat diabetes can increase your risk of a fungal infection.

You can help prevent skin infections by controlling blood sugar levels. However, if you end up with an infection, talk to your doctor.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that keeps your throat from relaxing properly during sleep, causing you to stop breathing for up to a minute while you sleep. It affects about 50 percent of people that are diagnosed with diabetes and can be very dangerous if not treated.

While sleep apnea does not only affect people with diabetes, it can make diabetes management a lot harder. Getting poor sleep can make you feel fatigued and less likely to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

In severe cases of sleep apnea, your doctor may suggest surgery to help.


Vision issues

It is not uncommon for people with diabetes to suffer from some degree of retinopathy. This can happen due to high blood sugar that can harm blood vessels in the eye.

The early stages of retinopathy can go unnoticed since there are essentially no symptoms, but it can continue to progress, so it’s important to get your eyes checked annually.

Kidney failure

Kidney failure is something that can happen over a long period of time with high blood sugar. Typically, people with diabetes are already seeing protein leak into their urine due to kidney issues before their diagnosis.

If your diabetes is not managed properly, you could see significant kidney damage within 10 years.

The side effects of diabetes go further than most people realize. In order to avoid these less common side effects, stay on top of your diabetes treatment and visit your doctor regularly.