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Tips for Picking the Right Diabetes Apps

Living with diabetes can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a variety of diabetes apps for your smartphone that can help you along the way.

Finding the right app for you can feel like a daunting task, but with the proper guidelines, you can narrow down the options.


When you look up diabetes management apps in the app store, you will see over 1,000 available apps. An important first step to finding the right healthcare app for you is by narrowing down the options.

Most phones come with a healthcare app that users usually disable for privacy reasons. By turning on those settings, you can link those background settings with the app you choose.

While it may be tempting to use several diabetes apps, it is best to limit the number of apps you use to avoid confusion. Find an app that has multiple features.


Reviews and comparisons

App stores have consumer reviews and ratings that you can view before downloading the app. In addition, there are websites such as the Diabetes Advanced Network Access (DANA) that are reliable and allow you to compare app features.

After doing your initial research and even finding a diabetes app that works for you, it is best to keep your eyes peeled for something new or better. Finding an app that works for you does not mean you must stay committed to it if a better option appears.

Popular apps

  • Fooducate – helps figure out which foods are right for you in order to maintain your blood sugar levels
  • My Net Diary Calorie Counter PRO – made to count calories along with tracking your A1c, net carbs, medications, and more
  • MySugr – allows you to sync the app with your glucose monitor to monitor workouts and blood sugar levels
  • BG Monitor Diabetes – designed to help you keep everything in one place by tracking blood sugar levels, insulin, carbs, and calorie intake
  • Health2Sync – helps you keep track of your diabetes along with encouragement to make healthy decisions
  • Glucose Buddy – designed to communicate with a Dexcom glucometer while also keeping track of physical activities
  • Diabetes Connect – offers a customizable dashboard to keep track of your blood sugar, insulin, meals, weight, and more
  • Diabetes:M – offers test time reminders, syncs with fitness apps, blood sugar tracking, and more
  • Beat Diabetes – specifically designed for those who were recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Diabetic Diet – diabetes resources all put in one place to help track meals and weight loss


It is important to think about your lifestyle when finding the right app for you. For example, if you have a caregiver, you can find an app that will help keep them informed about your health as well as help you track it.

Another situation could be a child with diabetes. Some apps are child-friendly and can send updates to parents or caregivers. A connection like this could be life-changing, especially in an emergency.

For people living  an active lifestyle, having notifications sent directly to your phone allows you to keep track of your health without  putting your life on hold in the process.

Finding the right app for you is all trial and error. Do your research based on the features you want and your lifestyle. If you don’t like the app you first land on, you can move on to the next.