camel milk benefits

Camel Milk Benefits for Diabetes

Could camel milk be a key to preventing complications of type 2 diabetes?

Camel milk has long been touted for having many health benefits, with more vitamin C and iron than cow’s milk. Previous studies have even suggested it could prevent diabetes.

Camel milk benefits

There are many benefits to consuming camel milk for good health.

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • A natural probiotic
  • Good source of calcium and Vitamin B1
  • High in vitamin C, iron, calcium, insulin, and protein
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Good for those with an allergy to cow’s milk

New study on camel inflammation and diabetes

In a new study, Welsh researchers found that camel milk reduces inflammation in type 2 diabetes. They discovered that the blood fats in camel milk can prevent harmful macrophages, cells that cause inflammation, from developing in abdominal fat.

Chronic inflammation in abdominal fat is a main cause of type 2 complications such as heart disease and stroke.

More studies are needed in human subjects to see if camel milk is truly effective for those with type 2 diabetes.

Camel milk in the news

The Swiss Times reports that the camel milk market is expected to explode within the next several years, especially in the US, the UK, Australia, Malaysia, and India. The boom in the camel milk market is due to increasing demand for use in foods, desserts, beverages, baby formula, and supplements. There is also increasing interest in camel milk due to its health benefits for diabetes, autism, and more.

In addition, just last week a Scottish cafe began selling camel milk cappuccinos, according to The Independent.

A cafe in Glasgow decided to sell these new drinks in order to help 141 female camel milk traders in Kenya. Traditionally, certain African communities trading camel milk lose much of their product due to lack of access to refrigeration.