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New Diabetes AI App Suggests the Best Foods for You

Good nutrition is a huge part of staying healthy as you age and staving off diabetes. There’s a new diabetes AI app that can help you make better food choices to manage and prevent diabetes

The new app is called Suggestic, and it costs $59.99 per year or $12.99 a month, as reported in Forbes.

What the app can do

With the app, you can point your phone at a restaurant menu and immediately see which items would be healthiest for you. You can tailor suggestions according to which foods you want to stay away from. Suggestions are also based on your diet, biology, preferences, and health goals.

More than 500,000 restaurants have already agreed to participate. 


Who made the app?

Entrepreneurs and developers Shai Rozen and Victor Chapela developed the app in 2014 after both of their fathers died from diabetes-related issues.

The app works by predicting the individual ingredients in food items. Suggestic also includes recipes, guided nutrition programs, and educational videos. 

Over the coming year, the developers plan to extend the app to Android, make improvements to the Suggestic Lens, and add partnerships with health experts.

Precision eating

The company believes in “precision eating”, or eating precisely the right diet for your body to avoid chronic illness and obesity. Eating in this way will make a person’s health not merely average, but the best it can be. 

Type 2 diabetes happens when the body can no longer use insulin correctly, leading to blood sugar levels that are higher than they should be. One of the central causes of type 2 diabetes is poor diet. Once someone develops type 2, they are at a much higher risk for other chronic illnesses that can shorten their lifespan and lead to poor quality of life. 

Sadly, according to the app founders, members of the healthcare industry – insurance and medical professionals – were not interested in the Suggestic venture. 

Suggestic works like a nutritional coach in the palm of your hand. With this and other advancements in artificial intelligence, nutrition management will be easier than ever.