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Top 7 Insulin Calculator Apps for Managing Diabetes

Daily insulin therapy can be tough to manage. Luckily, there is a lot of new technology out there to easily calculate the amount of insulin you’ll need and take some of the burden off of you.

Scientists have developed new, sophisticated algorithms that calculate how much insulin you’ll need per dose. Some are connected to specific prescription insulin pens, and some are calculators that anyone can use. 

The following are seven of the top apps for calculating insulin doses. Many can be set up with the help of your healthcare provider. They all feature graphs and sharing options to keep your healthcare team appraised of your status. With all of these apps, it’s important to stay on top of inputting your blood sugar, meals, snacks, and activity to get the most out of the technology and stay healthy.

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Calculate your dose with these apps

  1. mySugr. This fun and user-friendly app helps you “tame the diabetes monster.”  mySugr is designed to track all of your diabetes data. When you log in, you can track your medications, food, carb count, and blood glucose levels. Not only can the app sync with your Apple Health app, it can also sync up with Accu-Chek glucose meters. 
  2. PredictBGL. This app features an advanced insulin dose calculator which takes into account exercise and other factors. It’s able to prevent episodes of high or low blood sugar eight hours in advance. PredictBGL also has a virtual coach, and allows you to import data from other apps.  
  3. Diabetes:M. Diabetes:M offers blood glucose testing reminders, syncs with fitness apps, blood sugar tracking, and more. This is a comprehensive app meant for people with diabetes to manage every aspect of their condition. It offers remote monitoring by a doctor and an advanced bolus calculator for both pump and injection insulin users to calculate normal and extended insulin doses.  
  4. Insulia. This app is designed for those with type 2 to calculate insulin doses, focusing on basal insulin doses. Insulia also provides educational coaching messages that are specific to the user’s blood glucose levels, food intake, and exercise.  
  5. RapidCalc. This is a basic insulin calculator that keeps track of blood sugar levels and calculates insulin doses based on carb intake and physical activity. RapidCalc has various settings that can be set up with your doctor. With RapidCalc it’s important to input data every time you take insulin, eat, or exercise.  
  6. BlueStar. The BlueStar Diabetes app is approved by the FDA to help people manage type 2 diabetes. The app provides 24/7 real-time coaching along with motivational messages that are based on your blood glucose levels and other data shared in the app. You can personalize the app’s settings with your healthcare provider. 
  7. Accu-Chek. This app can automatically download results from an Accu-Chek Guide meter, or be used on its own to track meals and calculate insulin doses. The unique bolus adviser gives you help with insulin dosing.

Not one-size-fits-all

Everyone has a different level of insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity can also change throughout the day based on stress, exercise, what you eat, and many other factors. Make sure to tailor your insulin doses with your healthcare team based on your body and level of insulin sensitivity or resistance.